Good business presenters are performers. Learn how to stretch your skills.

keith-johnstoneNot many business presenters would consider themselves “actors” or “theatre performers”. But in a world of information overload and audiences with short attention spans, you need an extra edge to keep their interest and deliver your messages with style.

With senior executives called upon frequently to deliver short and sometimes unprepared speeches, a great skill that hones them is improvisation (improv).  The ability to create a story, act a scene or just think quick in a humorous way is very challenging. The TV Show “Whose Line is it Anyway” borrowed from a particular brand of improv called Theatresports created by Keith Johnstone (pictured here).  The game format made the experience fun and allowed quick changes through activities.

Today, companies are putting their managers through improv training to help them think quick and to improve listening skills.  I highly recommend you participate in an improv class. Check out your local theatre or community centre.

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