Writing taglines that are memorable

danger-flag1I have written before about six word stories and today I saw an example of one from the Department for schools, children and families in the UK. They have launched a campaign on internet safety which intends to teach young children how to stay safe while using the internet. Their tagline is “Zip it. Block it. Flag it.”

My first impression was that it could be a little confusing.  When I think of ‘zip’ in relation to computers my first thought is ‘zipping files’ so that they are compressed into a smaller file size. But then the target audience for this campaign might not have that perspective. “Zip it” in English slang means to be keep quiet and not disclose information .

So ‘zip it’ means do not give out any personal information. ‘Block it’ means use the blocking feature on social media sites or IM tools (like MSN). ‘Flag it’ means talk to a trusted adult if you are harassed online.

This tagline will not doubt be promoted heavily in schools and after a while will become a well-known catchphrase.  The creators hope it will be about famous as the Green Cross Code.

What do you think?  Will it stick or be quickly forgotten ?

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