Product Launch like an Executive – Memorable product launches Part 1

structure-core-application2New product launches can cost your company millions of dollars from concept to launch. While many companies use rigorous product development processes they often skimp on the most public aspect – the product launch presentation. As product life cycles shorten, tangible differences with competitor narrow and margins become wafer-thin, an impactful presentation pitch can make the difference in cutting through the noise to attract and engage with clients, shareholders and media.

We can all learn from the master of product launches over several decades – Mr Steve Jobs. As the face of Apple, Jobs has launched products since 1984 using a high stakes, high pressure keynote address to large audiences of stakeholders and media. Three key lessons we can learn from Jobs are less is more, tagline with word pictures and rehearse rehearse rehearse.

Less is More

A Jobs presentation is intended to inform, educate and entertain. While most presentations focus on the first two objectives, only by being entertaining can you keep the attention of your audience fully during a 30 or 40 minute presentation. One way Jobs achieves this is with a very visual approach. He once said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” In his presentations, he mainly uses pictures with key slogans. Think of many presentations you have sat through recently. Chances are they were very data and text heavy. In Brain Rules, Mr John Medina reported how new studies have shown that text only information have a very low recall (10%) while adding visuals can push retention up to 65%. We have all heard the expression, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and now it’s been proved through these memory tests. Slides with thirty or forty words on it are not memorable. Let’s face it, you didn’t need a brain study to know this, did you? Take a look through your slide deck and see how many pictures you are using to express your message. Visit to see a collection of visual presentations.

What else should a good product launch presentation have? Leave your comments and stay tuned for Part 2 shortly.

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