Overcome the fear of making presentations

It is really great to hear back from people who have enjoyed The One Minute Presenter, it’s even better when these kind people leave a review on Amazon. I am open to feedback – good and bad – as it helps me improve and get better. Here is a review from Vern Burkhardt, Author for IdeaConnection

Warwick John Fahy provides a wealth of useful tips on how to make a great presentation to groups of any size or composition. For example, `”Don’t present like your audience has an unlimited amount of time, attention or energy.” They don’t.’

The author has been willing to share his secrets for making presentations to groups irrespective of size. His advice is useful, practical and based on his own approach to making excellent presentations. Warwick John Fahy should know–he was inducted into the Toastmasters International Hall of Fame in 2007.

I had the privilege of interviewing the author in September 2010. He has a lot of valuable advice to share based on his extensive experience making presentations to groups in China, other parts of Asia, and the Middle East.

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