What type of learner are you?

How do you learn?

Are you a “just in case” learner?  Who likes to research without a clear specific purpose, who cuts and pastes information into a word document that never gets used. Who has a large pile of dusty conference notes unorganised in your office, a pile of books not finished. Do you enjoy knowledge for knowledge’s sake? Chances are you are using a digital immigrant learning strategy.

Are you a “just in time” learner? Do you only look for information when there is a clear end-goal or outcome? Do you turn to your network of peers and friends to search for this information? Who cuts-pastes, shares, gets feedback and refines before the end product is complete. Who is comfortable using a variety of sources including informal and crowdsourced (eg wikipedia) references. Who is impatient when there is no specifc purpose? You could be employing a digital natives learning strategy.
Not all young people are learning like digital natives and not all “older” people confine themselves to speaking digital as a second language. The good news is that if you continue to work on a second language, it improves. Today, you need to be nimble and adapt to new technologies and find a way to integrate them into your learning. Find a way that makes sense for you.
What is your learning strategy?

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