Book review: 5 out of 5 stars : Even you are to present even once, get this book!

It is really great to hear back from people who have enjoyed The One Minute Presenter, it’s even better when these kind people leave a review on Amazon. I am open to feedback – good and bad – as it helps me improve and get better. Here is a review from Victoria Powell, a nurse consultant:

As a nurse consultant and presenter at numerous health education and business related conferences, I was anxious to get my hands on this book. I was not disappointed!

The One Minute Presenter is written for the same audience that sits for these presentations…folks with short attention spans. I love how the book uses the very tips the author suggests for presentations, in his writing style. Each chapter begins with bullet points on what to expect in the chapter, what points the reader is to gain from the chapter and the process of incorporating the information learned into a presentation. The book is laid out in a journey of sorts with each of the eight chapters as a “station” on your trip. It is conducive to jumping around to read the portions that you struggle with the most and each contains a case study for reference throughout that particular chapter. Each chapter also includes side bar information for quick tips and other pearls of information.

It is all here. Information on body language, use of flip charts, voice speed and volume, working with projectors, how to handle interruptions, and so much more. If you are required to present even once, this book is worth the sales price to save you the headaches from a poor performance.

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