Book review: A comprehensive guide to better your presentation skills

It is really great to hear back from people who have enjoyed The One Minute Presenter, it’s even better when these kind people leave a review on Amazon. I am open to feedback – good and bad – as it helps me improve and get better. Here is a review from Dr. Hamdy El-Rayes:

As a professional, your ability to give an effective presentation and deliver your message to the audience is one of the most important skills you need.
In The One Minute Presenter, Warwick John Fahy offers simple, easy to follow eight steps to become an excellent presenter. He addressed all aspects of a presentation, and difficulties a presenter may face. He offers a scientific explanation for the reason these difficulties happen, followed with powerful tips and proven techniques needed to enhance your delivery. Following his eight steps, you will be able to deliver effective messages especially to those busy professionals in a world of information overload.
The One Minute Presenter is excellent for the novice and a refresher for seasoned presenters on what it takes to get your message across. It is organized in a unique way that enable you to pick topics of interest with ease. For a seasoned presenter, this book increases your understanding of today’s tech savvy, easily distracted audiences, and how to engage them in your presentation and reach them with your message. It also helps you speak with clarity, teaches you how to overcome tension associated with public speaking, and enhances your ability to answer audience questions, overcome presentation interruptions, and get your important message through to your audience.
An added bonus is the resources Warwick cited in his book. These resources can help you expand on what he offers to enrich your experience.

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