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“The One Minute Presenter” is yet another book on the subject of effective presentations and it stands out as one of the best. Not only does author, Warwick John Fahy know his topic, but he also knows how to communicate it in a way that engages the reader.

The book is well written and cleverly structured. Like a good presenter should, Fahy grabs your attention from the outset by relating the dropping (and smashing) of a large watermelon from a tall building, to our average attention span – both are a mess! After that start, it’s two short chapters to pose the question “Nobody’s listening” and provide the solution “Help is here”, before introducing the road map of “Your journey”.

“Your Journey” is in fact the eight stations along the road map to an effective presentation. Fahy very cleverly suggests that you should tick the stations you want to stop at, depending on your need. He also provides suggestions on how to get the best out of the book depending on your speed of reading – Step by Step, Jump Around, or Jet Ski.

Each chapter starts with an overview of Content, One Minute Learning, and the Process. Each of these is in bullet form and gives the reader a very clear idea of what’s in store at this stop.

Chapters (stations) often have side-bars with personal stories or expert’s tips. This enables the reader to follow the flow of the chapter and refer to the side-bar as and when ready. Each of the eight stops commences with a short case study of someone experiencing difficulty with this aspect of presenting. Fahy then shows how this difficulty can be overcome. I found two of the chapters, “Manage all interruptions” and “Master the Q&A”, to be particularly useful as “How to’s” explaining how to expertly manage a range of situations.

“The One Minute Presenter” is highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve their presentations, be they brand new or very experienced presenters.

Bob Selden, author What To Do When You Become The Boss: How new managers become successful managers

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