Executive presence is the hallmark of every successful leader.

Executive presence is the hallmark of every successful leader. The ability to think, speak and act like a leader is grounded in polished communication skills. Executives with presence deliver higher performance. They are vital to the leadership team. People want to work with them. Through enrolling and engaging the best resources, they deliver superior results time and again. Consider successful executives such as John Chambers, CEO of CISCO since 1995. Chambers overcame childhood dyslexia and today his enthusiastic communication style, which conveys can-do optimism, has helped lead CISCO to the top of a tough, fast-changing industry and Chambers was selected in Harvard Business Review’s Top 5 most valuable CEOs in January 2010.

We could list a few more top executives, such as Steve Jobs, who everyone would agree have presence.

So, my question is, who are the business executives with executive presence working in Greater China today? As I am researching this now for my next book, I would be especially interested to hear your opinion. Please keep it limited to business executives [no politicans or religious figures] and feel free to suggest both Chinese and international executives.

Please email me your suggestions. If you have a link to a video of them speaking, that would be even better. It will be great to highlight them in my book.

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