Farewell to Steve Jobs, the world’s best business presenter 1955-2011

The legacy of Steve Jobs from a business communication perspective

No doubt you will hear many accolades to Steve Jobs over the coming days. As I look at Steve Jobs though my lens – business communication – he is iconic in his approach to constructing, preparing, rehearsing and delivering fantastic experiences in the form of his key note presentations at Apple product launches over the past three decades.

When I work with executives in coaching and workshops, I regularly use clips of Jobs in action to help de-construct what he does that is insanely great [to use a popular Job adjective].

If you have never seen his speeches or presentation, I would recommend his Standford commencement address in which he uses three personal stories to share his life passions and drives. For a business presentation, his 2001 ipod launch or 2007 iphone launch are great examples for how business presenters can put together a clear, compelling message and deliver it in a memorable well-paced fashion.

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I am a strong believer in the power of role models as a catalyst to improving your own skills. Steve Jobs has left a legacy of fantastic presentations that will continue to set a high benchmark for all business communicators in the years to come.

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