The Engaging Speaker adds burst of enthusiasm to increase energy levels

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The Engaging Speaker is a performer. However, her primary purpose is not entertainment. The purpose is not for the audience to watch spellbound. The Engaging Speaker knows that every talk is a chance to educate and inform, inspire and persuade. She has a clear communication purpose alongside her ability to entertain.

What’s the main difference between a performer and an educator? A performer knows how to vary the energy levels in the audience. The Engaging Speaker knows that shifting energy levels keep the audience’s attention and increases their engagement.

The Engaging Speaker leads this change in energy with bursts of enthusiasm. She carries the audience to a higher level. By turning up her enthusiasm dial from 5 out of 10 to 7, she makes it clear to the audience that she believes in her content, she believes in her message and she wants dearly for the audience to come along for the journey.

In my very first sales job, I was given a book to read on improving sales performance. I still remember that the first lesson was that more people are moved by enthusiasm than are ever influenced by information alone. Product knowledge is important. But it’s worthless unless you can connect with your audience first. The Engaging Speaker keeps that connection by adding bursts of enthusiasm.

How can you add enthusiasm? Imagine your telling a good friend about a great experience you just had. Perhaps a fun time out with friends or family. Think about how you tell the story. Your voice speed. How your tone pitching up and down. The laughter and smiles that accompany a good story. The transfer of energy from you to your friend. Enthusiasm is like electrify flowing between two people. The other person can’t help but be affected too. Enthusiasm is a great safe way to connect with your audience. Look for ways to add more enthusiasm into your next talk. Entertaining personal stories are usually a good place to start.

I work with technical professionals who want to engage and influence non-technical people through public speaking and presenting.

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