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Executive Presence: Bring your message to the audience

How well do you know your audience?

How well do you know your audience?

One common complaint about business presentations is that they are dull. Many executives that I coach have a tendency to deliver content-focused presentations rather than audience-focused ones. Content-focused means a heavy emphasis on your material and is often accompanied by the presenter reading off the slides. We learned above how to turn numbers into stories. Let’s make the next connection.

Being audience-focused requires the presenter to bridge the gap between content and the audience’s motivations. Invest time to learn more about senior managers’ needs, drives and trigger topics. Does one manager always focus on financial returns? Another on resource deployment. Perhaps another always challenges you? You can then use connecting phrases to address these motivations. Examples include: “Last quarter you expressed a concern on our raw material costs. Here is the new picture.”

Another technique is to use connecting questions, like “Why is this important? “ This rhetorical question allows you to then move onto the answer. “This is important to our business unit because.. “ This technique helps connect more with the audience by focusing your message on their motivations.

Spent an hour before your next presentation to learn more about your audience. What can you learn about your audience that will help you connect your message to them in a more favourable way. People are interest-driven. Find their interests and you will find a more responsive audience.

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Ford use the Golden Avatar to profile their audience for the world car concept

Ford use The Golden Avatar concept

The One Minute Presenter is a journey of 8 steps. Step 2 is “Treasure Your Audience”. One important component of really getting a deep understanding of your audience is to build a Golden Avatar of your ideal types of audiences.

I was recently reading about Ford approach to making a global car. I was interested to find that they are using a Golden Avatar approach by creating “Isabella Everyperson”.

Here’s how they use it:

Ford researched buyers of its previous Fiesta in Europe as well as customers who prefer small cars sold by Volkswagen in Europe, Honda Motor in the U.S., and Toyota in China. These were mostly consumers aged 20 to 30 who had limited funds but a big appetite for fashion and design. Ford next created an imaginary customer—a global archetype, if you will. Her name is “Isabella,” a recent college graduate living near Milan. Isabella is creative, thinking about pursuing journalism, a modest earner, and likes city living. She is fashionable and plugged into social media. “We found that Isabella’s personality traits, aspirations, and sensibilities, and what she wants in a car, [resonated] in each market where we ran consumer clinics, whether it was Sydney or St. Louis.”

Read the whole article in BusinessWeek here.

Treasure Your Audience: Use a Golden Avatar

Treasure your AudienceTreasure your Audience is the second station in The One Minute Presenter’s journey. All future presenting success depends on how well you bond with your audience. This short video gives you a simple technique that you can use to deepen and strengthen these bonds.

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