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Suzanne Bates, President and CEO Bates Communications Inc., author, Speak Like a CEO and Motivate Like a CEO.


CEOs: Are executives frustrating you with their unproductive communication style?

Groom senior executives to think, act and communicate like high performing leaders

Executives struggle to influence senior managers. While technical executives are comfortable in one-to-one interactions, they frequently fail to concisely express themselves during meetings, conference calls and presentations. They are blissfully unaware of how they come across. They don’t notice eyes glazing over or the increasing frustration as they data-dump another dull presentation. This added friction means issues take longer to clarify, resolve and delegate. It wastes leaders’ time and lowers the executive’s credibility.

These executives need an approach to connect, engage and inspire important stakeholders.

Executives are expected to be proactive, influential communicators. Peter Drucker said that effective executives take responsibility for their communications. Executives who know how to express their ideas confidently are more effective across the organisation and produce better business results. They make a lasting impact by enrolling the support of their board of directors and senior peers. They handle question and answer sessions with confidence and manage challenging questions assertively. They use their voice to effectively connect and engage with people. They stand out and people look to them for leadership.

Many technical executives from finance and engineering fall into the success paradox. The skills and techniques that made them successful in operational roles now hold them back as senior executives. They have not received specific development and support to build up these skills. Most programs are too generic and unable to fit their specific circumstances. Another obstacle is the complex, high pressure environment executives face in China today which leaves little time for reflection and personal improvement.

Our clients experience many benefits, including:

  • Higher levels of executive effectiveness
  • Improved performance in delivering results
  • Lower executive turnover
  • Faster implementation of strategy
  • Quicker meetings and roll-out of strategic communication

The solution is an intentional tailored plan to support your business leaders.If the executive does not have strong communication skills by this stage in their career, they will not learn them on-the-job. What’s needed is a specialized program that will address these areas:

  • align with the executive’s business responsibilities;

  • assess their current executive communication competencies;

  • hold the executive accountable for co-created outcomes; and

  • transfer practical capabilities to become more influential and impactful.

We support senior executives working for multinationals in Greater China who lack the executive presence to effectively influence key stakeholders. We help executives build a strong foundation in executive communication so that they are better able to think, act and communicate like a leader to set strategy and drive change.

We invite you to download our report 10 Warning Signs Your Leaders Lack Executive Presence”