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IF CAREER SUCCESS is important to you, then apply this global rule: your technical skills – no matter how good they are – will only take you so far in an organization. Your ability to rise into leadership positions will be directly related to how well you manage, motivate, inspire and collaborate with the people around you. Your communication skills are the altimeter of how high your career will fly.

In The One Minute Presenter, Warwick John Fahy shows you how to develop bulletproof presenting skills. With eight practical and comprehensive steps, you will learn how to deliver effective messages at the board level and also lead your short attention-span net-generation team. Use The One Minute Presenter as a refresher course on what it takes to get your message across in a world of information overload.

The One Minute Presenter is an essential reference for any business presenter. You can easily apply the practical tips packed in every chapter and see the great impact they have on your audience. Three learning tracks help you through the steps at your own pace. Start the journey to better presenting today.

Written for a new generation of tech savvy audiences, The One Minute Presenter gives even seasoned presenters insights into connecting with today’s easily distracted audiences. Learn how to engage people preoccupied with multitasking. Avoid the “low attention span” traps in your presentations.

Your career is a journey of presentations and The One Minute Presenter is the roadmap. Travel through all eight steps and you will never view presenting in the same light.  Praised around the world as a fresh light on business presenting The One Minute Presenter is a must-read for every manager who needs to influence clients, team members, bosses and shareholders.

The One Minute Presenter is an 8-step system packed with powerful tips and proven techniques needed to deliver successful business presentations. You will learn how to:

Conquer your nerves: Transform your fears into confidence.
Improve quickly: Accelerate your progress with three learning tracks.
Handle every question: Enhance your credibility in hostile Q&A sessions.
Stand out from the crowd: Become known as an expert in your field.
Keep their attention: Engage with diverse and demanding audiences.
Speak with clarity: Produce clear, concise and compelling messages.
Stay on track: Overcome the most frequent presentation interruptions.

Your Roadmap

Who better than a master practitioner to deliver this brilliant message brilliantly? Five stars.”

Rodney Marks, Past President, National Speakers Association of Australia.

Presentations are my life. Every day I’m ‘moving’ audiences to new levels of understanding and inspiration. If you’d like to do that – look no further than this great guide. Warwick John Fahy is renowned for his ability to move and inspire and to do that in one of the most challenging markets in the world. You’ll be so grateful he’s captured EVERYTHING (as in every thing) you need right here in these pages.”

Paul Dunn, entrepreneur, marketeer and speaker, Co-Founder of Buy1GIVE1.

Warwick John Fahy is an incredible communicator. This book proves it! Every business presenter should not just read it, but internalize it!”

Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking.

Warwick John Fahy has filled this book with practical tips to help you communicate effectively which is one of the most important keys to business success today.”

Jim Key, 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking.

A must-read for anyone whose livelihood depends on communicating through effective presentations.”

Subramu Basavapatna, Project Manager, Siemens PLM.

Practical, full of excellent content, quick and easy to digest! A must buy for anyone in the business of speaking and presenting.”

Matthias Gelber, Winner, Greenest Person on the Planet 2008.

Warwick has produced this helpful and easy-to-read resource that is loaded with insights on presenting to a variety of audiences. It’s loaded with intelligent tips and techniques you can start to use and benefit from immediately.”

Mark Millar, Vice President, Supply Chain Asia. Founding Member, Professional Speakers Association of China.

Great leaders are great communicators. Shorten your time to the top with one of the best resources on the market for bettering your speaking skills. It’s a must for anyone who wants to effectively convey their ideas.”

Scott Friedman, Past President, National Speakers Association.

The difference between the right book about business presentations and others is the di# difference between lightning and the lightning bug. This book is the lightning. This is the landmark book on business presentations.”

Michael Michalko, author, Thinkertoys (A Handbook of Creative Thinking Techniques).

An essential resource for every business presenter. Keep it on your desk or in your briefcase.”

Harry E. Chambers, author, My Way or the Highway: The Micromanagement Survival Guide.

Powerful, perceptive and practical advice for anyone presenting in a world of shortening attention spans. Use this book and profit.”

Suzanne Bates, President and CEO Bates Communications Inc., author, Speak Like a CEO and Motivate Like a CEO.

In The One Minute Presenter, Warwick John Fahy helps you overcome some of the biggest obstacles people face on their way to top. Buy it – read it – profit from it.”

W Mitchell, CPAE, 2008-2009 President of the International Federation of Professional Speakers.

Your level of success will depend upon your level of communication through effective presentation skills. Warwick’s book, The One Minute Presenter, provides you with the disciplines which will make that difference to your the bottom line!”

Bob Urichuck, International Professional Speaker, trainer and Author, Discipline for Life, You Are the Author of Your Future.

Here is a helpful and easy-to-read resource that is loaded with insights on presenting to people with low attention spans. It’s loaded with intelligent tips and techniques you can start to use and benefit from immediately.”

Robyn Pearce the Time Queen, Certified Speaking Professional, Past President, IFFPS (International Federation for Professional Speakers).

The One-Minute Presenter is overflowing with speaking tips, is absolutely fascinating and lots of fun. In eight easy steps, Fahy shows you how to perform like a pro.”

Dan Poynter, author, The Self-Publishing Manual.

Valuable research on why presenters often fail to make the impact they want. Practical and innovative success steps with immediate and long term benefits.”

Raleigh R. Pinskey, The Raleigh Group Communications, author, 101 Ways To Promote Yourself, The 8-Second Media Pitch and Branding Basics.

I rate this book unquestionably a “must” for anyone that is required to do presentations. From big audiences to the small negotiation table, the principles and practical techniques hold true for both. Warwick has been able to capture the true essence of what it means to successfully present and get great outcomes. He writes not just for the intellectual mind but to the heart also.”

Allison Mooney, professional speaker and author, New Zealand Speaker of the Year 05/06, Most Inspirational Speaker of the Year 07.

Self belief is essential for peak performance. A lack of confidence in public speaking holds back many business executives. This book is packed with techniques to take your next business presentation to a higher level.”

John Shackleton CSP, The Performance Expert.

The code for successful business presentations has been broken and the secrets for success are here in this book! If you are a business executive or professional, and want to present with confidence, buy this book.”

Donna Hickey MBA, international professional speaker.

Never bore your audience again! Learn and apply the techniques in this book and you will deliver more engaging presentations with less preparation time than ever before. I can’t wait for the next speech contest.”

Kiminari Azuma, manager, Information Systems, Tyco Electronics. 2007 & 2008, Champion Toastmasters District 76 (Japan), International Speech Contest.

Read Warwick’s unique approach on how to reach a new generation of speakers with these effective tips on how to improve your presentations skills.”

Keith E Ostergard, president & chief consultant, LPC Consulting.