Do you want to turn your expertise into credibility and increased income? (Who wouldn’t?)

If you haven't heard of terms like "knowledge
 worker" and "info-preneur", check out wiki!

Today you are paid for what you know. Applied knowledge. One man spends his time on world trips as an advocate for a new business model which he calls, “The New Book Model”.  Ideal for knowledge workers, consultants, speakers, and coaches, Dan has a very practical and systematic approach to turning your know-how into a book and a whole host of other products.

If you are writing a blog and wondering how you can turn this into an income stream, you may be interested to learn that you are closer than you think to producing a credibility-boosting high quality book or information product.  Dan has presented to thousands of audiences in many lands and always leaves high take-away value.

Professional Speakers of  China presents a workshop in Shanghai which is designed to give you the know-how to become a expert in your field.

Dan Poynter – internationally known as the Self Publishing Guru – is coming to Shanghai to deliver a workshop titled, ” Turning Speeches into Books: Writing, Producing & Promoting your Book”.

November 1 2009 1-5pm

Booking:  To book your seats, email Professional Speakers of China here.

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