Theater Rehearsals: What Executive Presenters Must Know Part 4 of 5: Step 4 : Tops and Tails

To view the other steps in this series, see Step 1 “Script read through” , Step 2 “Run Through” and Step 3 “Cue to Cue”

Step 4 : Tops and Tails
The two most important parts of a presentation are the opening and closing. Both parts attract the greatest audience attention and are the best opportunities to deliver a takeaway message. They are often delivered at a higher level of authority and punch. Take the opening two minutes and rehearse as a stand-alone section. Record it and while listening to the recording, look for ways to make the delivery more impactful. Use crisper and sharper words. Make a closer connection to the audience with words they relate with. Likewise, repeat this approach with the closing. This is the final chance to convey the message and leave the audience with a positive impression.

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