Toastmasters: Your first year as a leader: Stretch your comfort zone

Leadership is an elusive skill. Libraries and MBA programs are crammed full of leadership and management theories, that are difficult to apply in your day job. Young leaders today are facing a dual challenge. Firstly, after scrambling through a competitive education system to reach the workplace they are faced with the demoralising thought that much of their formal education is ill-suited to the rigours of company life. Secondly, in a swirling competitive global market they need to upgrade their soft skills – including leadership – so that they are ready to capture the opportunities that are available for people with a keen sense of learning and getting ahead.

  • White belt: The first six months
  • Yellow belt: Six months to One year
  • Orange belt : After one year

In this 21 minute presentation, Warwick John Fahy shares his experience on how to grow your skills as a leader within the context of a Toastmasters club. You can download this training here (MP3, 19.1MB)

Warwick John Fahy is a Distinguished Toastmaster with almost 10 years experience as a Toastmaster delivering speeches in both English and Mandarin. Warwick was awarded the Presidential Citation in 2007 for his leadership in doubling the number of clubs in China and helping China move to district status.Warwick is an executive speech coach working with senior executives in multinationals across Greater China to help them become more influential with their key stakeholders.

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