How influential are your leaders and managers?

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We have designed a one-day or two-day hands-on workshop that show leaders, managers and service professionals how to use, apply and combine influencing techniques

Influencing is :

  • Situational; you need to adapt your approach for different people at different times

  • Needed in combination; no single technique will work in every situation

  • Value based; you need to offer something of value to the people you wish to influence. No value. No influence.

  • A catalyst; influential people are able to get more things done quicker.

  • Dynamic; things change. A technique that worked last year may not work this year if everyone is exposed to it.

Influencing is not:

  • Manipulation; your intention and purpose should be as transparent and ethical as possible

The Influencing Matrix:

We have researched 15 key influencing approaches that have been tested to consistently work over time and across cultures. They are:

  • Scarcity

  • The Force

  • The Vision-caster

  • Walk your Talk

  • The Connector

  • The Rules

  • The Give-and-Take

  • Silent Allies

  • Do me a Favour

  • The Vulcan

  • The Coach

  • The Robin Hood

  • Dr Feel Good

  • Be Likeable

  • The Pharaoh

To learn more about The Influencing Matrix…

We conduct workshops which are tailored to your industry and leadership challenges. To learn more about how your leaders can apply The Influencing Matrix, contact Warwick at or call on 021 6101 0486.


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